About the Author

Hello! I am a writer for children with a passion for history, art and the sciences. I believe that finding a wonderful true story to share with children is the biggest thrill.IMG_5701

I earned my undergraduate degree in History and Art History at The College of New Jersey, and then went on to earn my graduate degree in History from Villanova University.

I have always wanted to share my passion for history and the natural world with kids by writing high-quality, well-researched books bursting with exciting facts and thrilling tidbits.

Awesome Topics:

  • The Natural World- One of my personal passions is green living. I care about the health of the Earth and the creatures with which we share this beautiful planet. I love investigating how light bulbs actually work, why howler monkeys howl, and where and when I am most likely to see a meteor shower.
  • Outer Space- The universe is so incredibly HUGE, that I am both fascinated and completely in awe of all things extraterrestrial.
  • Medical History- Medical breakthroughs, changes in healthcare, devastating diseases and the way they change the world.
  • Cultural History- From the cave paintings at Lascaux, to the chiseled form of Michelangelo’s David, to the facade of our nation’s Capitol Building, if it is related to art, architecture or archaeology, I’m interested.
  • Social History- Food, health, hygiene (or lack thereof), women, children & gender. I may be an adult, but I’m still intrigued by the yuck factor!
  • Scientific History- From the discovery of fire, to the creation of the iWatch, I am fascinated by the  inventors, inventions, and scientific breakthroughs that have shaken the way people live.

A few of my favorite things:

  • Flowers. I love them.
  • The smell of freshly baked bread. Whether I am baking it myself at home, or walking past a bakery first thing in the morning, there are few things in life that make me happier than the smell of freshly baked goodies.
  • Walking on the beach with my family.
  • Breaking my personal best run times.
  • The soft, golden light and silence of early mornings. This is when I do my best work and when I feel most at peace.
  • Yoga. Who doesn’t feel better after a little stretching and meditation?

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